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Photokina Q&A: Can the Samsung NX1 redefine pro performance with a quantum leap in technology? —— 中英文对照翻译

6.7 Billion pixels per second image readout? Check. 240fps hardware-based object-recognition and tracking? Check.
Without question, the Samsung NX1 was truly one of the standout products at the Photokina 2014 tradeshow in Cologne, Germany, with top-notch performance, a sophisticated hybrid autofocus system, and an amazing “auto-shot” mode that can capture a baseball in flight at the exact moment it’s coming off the bat.
With its amazing speed and rugged build quality, the Samsung NX1 is clearly aimed at attracting professionals to the NX-mount, and it just might do that, if it tests as well in the lab and in the field as it shows in the tradeshow booth….

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